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5 Easy Ways to Boost Website Traffic in 2022

It's finally 2022 and it's time you boost website traffic on your site. You've been running your website for a while now and you're making some money, but it seems like the numbers are stagnant. Your conversion rates never seem to improve and you can't figure out why. Maybe it's time to look at SEO!

Before hiring a professional and paying thousands of dollars, there are a number of steps you can take to optimize your website's SEO that are directly on your website's pages. It helps search engines like Google, understand what content is written and displayed on your site. If search engines can understand the content that is written in order to rank higher and boost website traffic. Here are 5 easy actionable steps that will help boost traffic to your website in the year 2022:

1) Use SEO friendly keywords in the meta description of every page on your website to boost traffic

2) Make sure all images have alt tags that include SEO friendly text

3. Write longer, better content! Longer articles tend to get shared and linked to more frequently. This means you'll be getting free SEO every time someone shares a link to one of your posts in order to boost your website's traffic.

4) Use keywords in meta descriptions

5) Optimize every image on your site with alt text and captions .

These are just a few basic SEO tips that will help improve your website traffic in 2022. Remember that SEO takes time so be patient and remember that continuous quality output will always be the best solution to increasing traffic and boosting your conversions. If you want to learn more about basic on-page SEO, Showit has a great webinar you can watch.

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