Is your website secure on Showit?

As a business owner, you deserve to know whether or not your website is secure on the platform you chose. Peace of mind is important when you spend your valuable time and money building your online presence. We love Showit for many reasons, and it is growing in popularity quickly. So you want to make sure your website is safe and secure on Showit long-term.


Secure hosting is vital for a website, especially to improve SEO. If you don't know what SSL is, it is the lock box that appears before your domain name in the search bar at the top of your browser window. When your site is secure it says https instead of http. If your website is not secure you may get an alarming message across your screen that says that hackers may be trying to access your information. But don't be alarmed. It just means you don't have SSL.

Showit SSL Certificates to secure your site

Luckily, Showit offers free SSL certificates to all of their site plans. They use a free certificate called Let's Encrypt so you don't have to buy one from a third-party and attempt to install it yourself. Trust me, this saves you a lot of headache.

Verify that your site has SSL and you can reach out to their support team if you are not seeing that lock box or the https next to your domain name. Your site may also say NOT SECURE at the top of the search bar.

Why is SSL important to website security?

The importance of cyber security is on the rise. More and more small businesses are targeted by hackers, not just big corporations like Twitter. It is important you know how to keep your self and your business safe online. Just like you lock your doors at home, you enable SSL on your website to stay safe and secure.

Secure Wordpress Plugins on Showit

Showit hosts your blog on Wordpress, which is the absolute best for SEO. However, your Showit site comes with a number of pre-installed plugins. If you have the advanced blog plan you can add any new plugins but you have to be careful what plugins you add. Not all third-party plugins are compatible with Showit. You can view the full list of compatible plugins here. Be careful not to add plugins from developers that don't have many good reviews.

Showit provides a secure environment for your website. With the continued increase of data breaches and cyber security threats, it’s important to make sure that you use HTTPS or SSL certificate on all pages of your site and only install trusted Wordpress plugins ensuring your content is safe and secure.

If you have questions on security or want to know if you website is secure, reach out to us today and we'd be happy to help!