Thriving Mercury in Retrograde

Run for cover, Mercury is officially in retrograde! Or, for all you grammar nerds, Mercury is retrograde. We already told you we're ready for Fall, but now we're looking at thriving this Mercury in retrograde.

If you don’t already know, the planet Mercury rules communication, which includes all technology and systems of information exchange. When it goes retrograde, we can see disruption in the flow of communication, including on digital devices, in conversations with loved ones, and even in missed connections with clients.

But never fear! We’re breaking down how to survive Mercury in retrograde from a technology perspective, specifically digital communication. Our friend Brittny King puts it best by saying, "If you feel fear, use it as an opportunity to shift your understanding." We take a look at that here.

This is a great time to remind yourself that everything you learn now is only going to help push you forward. Trust your gut and use this time to connect with yourself. Check out our tips on not just surviving, but thriving mercury in retrograde below.

Double Check & Protect

As a design studio who has clients depending on us for their brands, this is a time to double-check we saved those changes, TRIPLE check you saved that file, and empty the trash can on your laptop only after you combed through to put anything back you didn’t mean to throw away. 

As a design studio, we always double-check our list of the most important documents and files. This way, we know we always try our best to back up information, save files twice, and are mindful of where we left our glass of water so it doesn’t spill on any important technology. 

For me, I use Adobe’s Cloud to back up all my working design files so I can access them across many devices. Turning on auto-save for my design files has already helped me this week, saving four hours of work I would have lost when my laptop decided to crap out. Auto-save is a must for me! The best part of this feature that many Cloud subscriptions offer is you’ll be ready for the next retrograde because it’s almost entirely automatic.

Don’t Take It Personal

During this time, it’s super important that we remember not to take other people’s irritability personally! This can mean your partner, your roommate, your boss, or your own attitude towards yourself. A wonderful asset Mercury can bring us is an increased ability to talk to yourself. If you’ve been waiting to start a morning gratitude routine or journaling, this would be an amazing time!

On the flip side, don’t forget to check-in and listen to how others might interpret your words! Need to send an important text? Write it in your Notes app first. Writing an important email? Try putting the email address in after you’ve proofread it (twice). 

Take time to breathe and slow down during this time. 

Slow Things Down

Accidents happen. Especially if you’re working from home like we do, we tend to go on autopilot when things get a little hectic. Our pro-tip these days is to slowwwww downnnnn. It’s happened more than we care to admit that we’ve left our cup of coffee on top of our laptop. Be extra careful and mindful for the next few weeks of where you throw your electronics! 

Thriving in Mercury Retrograde 

This is not a time that should be scary! We see just as many gifts come into our lives as we do troubles with Mercury in retrograde. 

Really, we just want to remind you to take things slow, listen to your gut, and take time to check in with yourself. This is a great time to reconnect with nature and yourself. Instead of being scared, get excited to realign with yourself!