Thriving with ADHD and Working from Home

As someone struggling with diagnosed adult ADHD, I’ve tried everything from meditation to prescriptions to yoga to routines in order to help train and organize my brain to focus. Now, I feel like I finally am thriving with ADHD and sharing my best tips and tricks.

Housework or Work-work?

You sit down at your desk in the morning with the best intentions for the day. All the different tasks you want to accomplish are in your mind. But then, you remember you need to make a cup of coffee. And while you’re making coffee, you remember you need to make your bed. And after you make the bed, you realize you have a meeting in two minutes. You don't sit down at your desk again for another hour. You don't necessarily need to have ADHD to know that feeling scattered can be super stressful.

And, if you’re anything like me, it only became more difficult to focus with the temptation of distraction around the house once we all started working from home. With a brain that wants to bounce around, it’s just too easy to avoid work when you can make one more cup of coffee. Or just fold a quick pile of laundry. Or put away a few dishes. 

I’m sharing three easy and practical tips for avoiding avoidance and thriving with an ADHD brain!

Clean Your D*mn Room

Not to sound like your mother, but clean your d*mn room! I promise, your future self will thank you for this one. When it comes to ADHD and house cleaning, routine is key. If we don’t schedule time to clean, it’s likely we won’t ever make time for it. 

A routine I’ve learned to love is to always clean my office at the end of the day. My morning coffee mug is cleaned off my desk, old post-it notes are thrown out, and any misplaced items are put away. Then, I give the pillow on my chair a good fluff and push my chair in. And finally, anything I might need in the morning is set out in an orderly manner.

For me, a clean office means peace of mind while I’m working. When everything in my office is in order, I'm not distracted! Cleaning up at the end of the day allows me to “turn off” at the end of the night, and sets me up for success for tomorrow.

Goodie Two Shoes

The old saying goes, “Dress for success.” And I’m here to tell you it goes beyond just looking the part! 

Okay, this one is going to sound kind of crazy. But bear with me! Putting on shoes in the morning helps me a ton!  I have a special pair just for inside the house, and I swear when I have them on, I feel like I have more purpose and pep in my step.

I think wearing shoes gives me a little more focus because my brain thinks I have somewhere to go and more purpose, giving me the drive to focus! It’s a nice in-between for being barefoot and wearing a killer pair of office heels. 

Gimme a Ring

If you are a nervous fidgeter like I am, I cannot recommend a spinner ring enough. What’s a spinner ring, you ask? Spinner rings, or fidget rings, are rings you wear that are designed with an element of spinning or twisting that lets you “fidget” with it. Rolling Stone even picked up on this trend for folks who don’t necessarily suffer directly from ADHD but are looking for soothing solutions to stressful situations. 

I started using a spinner ring to avoid tapping my fingers or picking and biting at my nails (ew). It also helps distract me when I’m feeling anxious or need to be soothed. I opted for a ring that was discreet and stylish for everyday wear, but both Etsy and Amazon have plenty of options as well! 

Thrive for Yourself!

I’m learning a thing or two about setting myself and my business up for success so I don’t get distracted. I love hearing your tips, too! Drop them in a comment below. Thriving with ADHD is possible when you work from home!