Yummiest Fonts of Fall 2021

Our Favorite Fonts of Fall

A huge part of creating the perfect brand is choosing the perfect font. If you’re on the fence about hiring a designer and want to create your own brand, you absolutely need to check out the Yummiest Fonts of Fall 2021. Why are we calling them yummy? Because each one reminded us of a delicious dish!

Check Out the Fonts of Fall 2021

We are coming off a wonderful Labor Day weekend and it’s time to get back to work! This week, we are buckling down and sending out the final edits of client Brand Boards.

As designers, we are very familiar with the artistic elements that create a brand, like colors, shapes, and the typography we use. When done right, a brand’s font communicates these messages as effectively as the copy on your website! For this reason, fonts need to be representative of the brand. 

When choosing fonts, we have to consider the tone of the brand. For example, if the brand is trustworthy and approachable, we would use fonts that are stable and balanced in symmetry. If we are creating a youthful, fun brand, we use on-trend fonts with lots of personality!

We're offering you a variety of free fonts to check out below! Our favorite fonts of the season are all free! No matter what the vibe of your brand, check out the yummiest fonts of Fall 2021. 

MADE Canvas

Roseritta Serif

Casta Thin

Lucky Change Serif

Cigra Serif

Art Nouveau